The Lunar CD only available at sinopticmusic​.​bandcamp​.​com

by Lunar C


released October 10, 2010

1) Avsummathat
Produced by Neverlearn, intro by ExP by Lunar C

2) Stop Stressing
Produced by Ant Orange

3) From the Vaults
Produced by Neverlearn

4) Supercalifradge
Produced by ExP

5) Foghorn
Produced by Mastermind

6) Piece of Piss
Produced by ExP & Lunar C

7) Crap Chat
Produced by ExP
Featuring Addverse & ExP

8) Donkey Punch
Produced by Jas0n/JND

9) Hunky Dory
Produced by Neverlearn
Featuring Neverlearn

10) Salad of a Wookarina
Produced by Lunar C

11) Salad of a Wookie
Produced by ExP
Featuring a sample of Soul Khan from Soul Khan vs Dirtbag Dan (Grind Time)

12) Stillskint
Produced by ExP
Featuring Angela Bellis

13) The Earl of Beantin
Produced by ExP
Featuring The Earl of Beantin

14) The Grain
Produced by Neverlearn
Featuring Angry Nik

15) In Need of a Neighbour
Produced by ExP

16) The Architect of Literature
Produced by Mastermind

All songs Written by Jake "Lunar C" Brook, except:
Track 7 Written by Jake "Lunar C" Brook, Dan "Addverse" Edley & Ben "ExP" Goodwin
Track 9 Written by Jake "Lunar C" Brook & Diz "Neverlearn" McGladdery
Track 11 Written by Jake "Lunar C" Brook & Soul Khan
Track 13 Written by The Earl of Beantin
Track 14 Written by Jake "Lunar C" Brook & Nik "Angry Nik" Bennet

Tracks mastered by Ben "Bonn Lewis" Wilson
All Tracks recorded at Sinoptic Studios, Leeds